Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Waiting

Still, we wait. I know, I know all this is probably getting tiresome to read. There is nothing new to report except the single statement by one of out mortgage people, 'It looks like we have everything to me so I am hoping for tomorrow.' I sure hope that her hope is not misplaced. We spent yesterday evening doing the lawn for the last time and really getting down to the brass with the packing. My husband even started working on his computer room.

Whether we get the keys or not, my etsy store will be closing today around noon. I figure the last thing I want to be worried about tomorrow is shipping something out. I'm going to keep trying to pimp the wunderkammer giveaway, but I doubt I'll have much twitter time either. So if you're so inclined, I'd appreciate the occasional tweet or post on the giveaway. The entries have slowed dramatically with about 10 left to open the sixth prize and another 25 after that to get that final prize unlocked. I know several people are coveting that bustle skirt, so I really want them all unlocked. Hopefully even without my attention another week should bring the needed entries.

Just one more little thing before I sign off for the day. Guess what I managed this morning? I cinched my new corset closed. Okay, you might not think this is an achievement, but it hasn't even been a month yet and I'm proud of myself. Once this is comfortable, I'll have taken my waist down 6 inches. Yes, I know it mostly goes back when I leave the corset off too long, but a couple of those inches are really gone and more importantly, my stomach muscles are closer together and the pooch is slowly shrinking. I might get one more smaller corset in the coming months just to really get the best long term benefit. We'll see though, I've only been lacing for a few months and I do kind of like it so I might just keep going...of course I've no intention of going sideshow with this so don't worry too much.

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For The Love of Beads said...

My blog post got delayed as its been too hot here to think but I'm doing one today to mention your giveaway (that skirt is SO SO awesome) and I'll tweet at least once today for ya =P

Grats on the corset!