Friday, July 31, 2009


Remember a while back, I made a brightly colored bracelet for a twitter friend to match her brightly colored nails. You remember right? Anyway, She is quite the fiber lover herself always knitting or crocheting some brightly colored bit or bob and the before my bracelet even got to her she was making something very special for my daughter. You see, not only does the woman love her fiber, but she is also a pokemon fan...a big one. Well, my 5 year old daughter is as well. I go as far as to say a bit obsessed really, so when she spied a pokeball hat my twitter friend was making on my computer she began to chant 'want'. After I shared my daughter reaction a second hat was selflessly made and sent to her. It arrived yesterday and her reaction was priceless.
That is pure joy right there, plain and simple. So thank you so much Patience aka @millarca of the twitter. It IS much fact her little sister has a fledgling interest in the pokemon and had to try on the hat for a moment as well. I think this piece is going to get a lot of wear.

The children did spend a good chunk of the afternoon with their Grandparents, so I got to clean and vacuum and finish up the choker I was working on. So today, I'm seriously back on the masks. I feel the time before Halloween slipping away and I can't sell the things if I haven't got any made to sell. So that and setting up the Wunderkammer are on the to do list today. Oh, and bills and more, I really DO lead a charmed life.


For The Love of Beads said...

Aww - she looks so happy! That's a great hat, hopefully her sister doesn't borrow it too often!

Happy crafting!

dalij said...

Boy what an ear to ear grin. Did she sleep in it? I'm surprised that she even let Xani wear in for a moment. I know that your Twitter friend has made another life long friend!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aww, so adorable!