Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, That I Could Have Done Without

Yesterday was what you might call a wash. My oldest daughter woke up with a leaking ear, yep again. She just got over one ear infection only to get one in the other ear. So my day included getting an appointment at the doctor's office only to find that another doctor was covering the day and they were already booked. They squeezed us in, but as you might imagine that meant our wait was significant. Then because it was just that sort of day, the pharmacy was extremely busy and it took over an hour to get her medicine. All that adventure ate up most of the afternoon, leaving me little time to do anything. Earlier in the day I managed to remake a couple of sold pieces, so the day wasn't a complete loss I suppose.

I was reminded by a friends tweet that I had purchased some black feathers last weekend with the intention of creating a more embellished hair piece. So I keep trying to figure out how to attach feathers and tatting. I mean, do I use 'clever' stitching as was suggested when it was just tatting or do the feathers require a little hot glue or something. I have zero millinery experience, so I just muddle through. Of course I don't know whether I'll get to this project today or even tomorrow though I do have some free time since I am still waiting for my last skein of bamboo yarn. As I shared yesterday, I managed to sell a pair of ankle corsets and I'd like to get a pair done enough to list them again since I already have too many "custom" pieces listed as it is.

I also noted that I have not done a personal reveal post this week. I don't think I managed one last week either. So I thought for kicks I would ask you what you want to know about me, my life, my craft or whatever. I always pretend to answer a question because no one has ever asked a thing. I mean, it's fine if no one is curious about anything that's fine. I don't live the most glamorous or amazing life and I never have, but if you do have any question, throw them at me. Seriously, anything at all. I can't promise that I'll answer them, but I'll do my level best.


Sarah Dungan said...

Okay in my opinion hot glue isn't actually useful for ANYTHING long term. It doesn't adhere well to most surfaces, and is easily pulled away.

I don't know anything about attaching feathers...just don't use hot glue ;-)

Jrahn said...

Z probably has ear know, like the ones that dogs get.

Artsnark said...

I don't know if this would help you, but when I was a kid we made fake feather warbonnets. I remember the feathers were attached 2 different ways.

The one's with bigger quills had a small hole drilled into them (with a dremel or just poked? I'm just guessing as they were predrilled)

The smaller ones we had to glue little loops to the quill. It was a heavy duty glue, like shoe glue or something. When the glue dried, we sewed the loops & predrilled feathers onto some leather to make the headdress.

I agree with Sarah D on hot glue. It never holds up in the long run for me.

Good luck - look forward to seeing what you come up with

Elizabita said...

I can't help with the feathers, I've never used them before, but something I have been curious about is how did you get into tatting?