Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Murphy's Law

Yesterday continued to be a fairly productive day. Flower after flower, I tatted my bamboo scarf at quite a clip. The children, though a bit sick were awfully well behaved and calm. I even came back to a couple of sales after lunch. While the kids slept I kept tatting, completing the flowers with my first skein and moving onto the edging. Then apparently I got a bit too comfortable with all the gifts karma had bestowed upon me, for he tagged in Murphy.

As I rounded the corner of the edging and moved onto the second side one thing became painfully clear. The skein of yarn fell apart and became a small pile, I was going to run out of yarn. I took a break and ordered another skein hoping that their quick shipping last time was not a fluke. I did finish up the skein about a fourth of the way down the second side. If the yarn arrives on Friday, I could have it done and shipped by Saturday. On the up side, it is definitely going to be a gorgeous piece. It is heavier than the wool, soft and the sheen is lovely.

I also woke up this morning to find that I had sold the first pair of In Bloom ankle corsets. They had received way more than their fair share of attention and hearts, but I was beginning to think that it was going to be a while before they found someone who actually wanted to wear them. I've got a bunch of thing to remake today while the scarf is on hold and I picked up some shimmery brown embroidery thread last weekend that I'm using to make some pieces for the upcoming Maker Faire. I hope that I have seen the last of Murphy for a while so I can get all this done before the new yarn arrives.


Anightgirl said...

It looks amazing so far! Well done!

Randi said...

If your new yarn is a different dyelot and a obviously different tone, you could tat the entire border with it. Of course, we all know that "Murphy" of "Murphy's Law" was an optimist! LOL :)