Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Or more precisely, winners, six of them. Once my husband arrived home from work yesterday, I had him pull the numbers. He was actually quite annoyed that the random number generator didn't pull a diverse enough grouping and went back to try again. He ended up going with the first set because he felt that trying again would taint the results even though he never actually saw the entries list. I'm telling you all this partly so you'll blame him if you didn't win and partly because I wanted you to know he took his job seriously.

So without further ado, the winners. First the winners of the 3 Fully Bloomed pendants are Wychbury, RockLove and Crites.

Next up the winner of the Viva La Reine necklace is Nullalux.

The winner of the Queen's Feet Barefoot Sandals is beri03.

The winner and the very first person to own a pair of the coveted In Bloom Ankle Corsets is Jennifer Nicole.

Congrats to everyone that won and condolences for those that didn't. Even with the fairly even odds there were bound to be a lot of people on that list. As a bit of a consolation prize, I've decided to offer all entrants my In Bloom pendant for just $5 including shipping until Sunday. If you choose to take me up on the offer, just purchase the pendant and leave your entry name and mention 'prize' in the notes to seller. I will refund the discount through paypal.

If you won one of these amazing prizes, you should be hearing from me soon, if you haven't yet and I hope to have all the prizes out by Monday. Thanks to everyone for helping make this giveaway a grand success. My shop has garnered quite a few new hearts, my blog a healthy dose of new followers and I even got some sales out of the event. Let's hope many of you stick around after the free stuff is all gone. I am now quite done will all of this nonsense and am ready to get back to some calm quiet tatting and stop checking my comments and email every 2 minutes. Maybe I'll host someone elses giveaway next...anyone?


Anightgirl said...

:( So sad, but hell yeah I'm stickin' around!

Congrats to everyone else enjoy your new awesome prizes!

Bombshell made redundant. American misplaced. said...

Oh golly!!! You're so generous. I will be taking you up on that fab necklace offer later this evening, I think. I don't have a paypal, it'll be through my husband's account, so I'll try to be specific enough in the notes-bit. :D

that_rat said...

Oh...blaming the winners on me are you? I see how it is...

My apologies to all that didn't win...hopefully next time?

TotusMel said...

Yep hon, that was the plan all along, blame the husband!

Jennifer Nicole said...

Oh my god, I won something?!

Thank you so much! I can only check my email at home, so if you've already sent me a message, I'll reply to it tonight after 7pm PST.

You just made my morning. Thank you again!

Nanci said...

I'm so excited! Can't wait to receive my prize in the mail! Glad the giveaway was such a success for you!

dalij said...

Oh! So reply to that_rat but not to me. My corner is getting really worn out and I'm running out of worms.

TotusMel said...

That's right, I answer my husband and not my mother. Go eat your worms, see if I care ;p