Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Alright children, pencils down. Wow, that was quite a week of giveaway and sale madness. I've already mentioned several times my shock at getting so many entries. I got a few more over night so I don't have the final tally ready yet, but we passed 151 yesterday. That means I added another pendant to the prize pool, giving us a total of 6 prizes. I will compile all the entries today and my husband has been charged with pulling the winning numbers using a random number generator since I don't want to be blamed for any ones loss. I should be able to list all the winners tomorrow morning.

Aside from a couple of folks, everyone followed my rules very well. The funny thing about the ones who didn't follow the rules is that they also failed to make sure I had contact information for them so I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Since we're talking about the rules and you still don't know who won, I have a few questions for you. What did you think of my rules, particularly my little twist? Were they clever, or did I simply try too hard? I'm certain I'm not the first to try prizes based on entry levels, but since I've not seen it before, I want to know what you thought. Were the prizes good? If you didn't enter, what would have made you do so? Did I do anything really wrong, really right? Any opinions are greatly appreciated. I hope to also provide some details about the success of the giveaway after its all said and done.

I'll keep it brief today. I haven't been tatting and they giveaway has taken a lot of energy. I'll probably even limit my ever increasing twitter time today as well. As soon as the winners are announced, I'll start sending out the prizes and that should keep me busy for a while too. I guess what I'm saying, is that I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

Were I to have entered in time, I would have said I loved your masks the best. They are by far the most original and awesome things available on Etsy.

Plus, they're named after Labyrinth songs, so that makes them PERFECT!

Anightgirl said...

I liked the idea that you had, the prizes and rules were great. By including a new item at different levels you were able to give people more incentive to push their friends into registering which I think really helped a lot with the number of entries you received.

Well done!

JuliaA said...

i look at a lot of giveaways and i've never seen the extra-prizes incentive. it really did help motivate me to get the word out, because i really wanted the giveaway to get to the ankle corsets prize level!

even though logically, 30 more entrants for each additional prize keeps an entrant's chances the same (if i'm thinking right), it's not something that ppl might consider--more prizes *seems* like more chance to win! or more variety of interesting stuff to win, at the least.

i just finished my own giveaway and it really is tiring! get some well-deserved rest. :)

mermaiden said...

i thought your rules were very clever (definitely made me look closely at lots of items in your shop), and the increasing prize aspect was exciting. aquariann told me about this, so you had lots of admirers spreading the word, and i'm now following your blog. take a nap which includes some snoring, but well worth the effort methinks!

Anonymous said...

I was going to make some snide comments about your rules being totslly and utterly unfair, but then I thought that your many followers would be out for my head. So I'll just sit in the corner and eat worms.

Krystle said...

I say it's your blog and your giveaway, do whatever the heck you want sistah!

Jo in NZ said...

I thought your rules were fine, and achieved what you wanted, more blog traffic to see your awesome wares, and hopefully more sales from ETSY.
Great idea, and it obviously worked.

Anonymous said...

Peronsally, I think you did everything right! And I got to find your blog and subscribe to it!

Diana said...

My opinion is that you are one clever bitch. I mean that in only the finest sense of the word.

I've never heard a contest staged s you did before. Your tiered prize structure made getting the word out fun and engaging; everyone wanted to reach the next level for more prizes. More prizes for everyone, but also more of a range as to what one could win! It's all terribly exciting.

This is what I was referring to when I said you were a marketing genius. You have a different way of thinking, and putting your own spin to the seemingly ordinary. Similar to your tatting: sure, other people tat, but you create dramatic and far-appealing pieces of art. Seasonal, too!

Congratulations on your blogiversary! Keep it all coming: the new designs, the ballsy opinions, the fabulous company.


threadsofmagique said...

I loved the idea of the tired entries. I'm pretty new to blogging, but if and when I do a giveaway, I might steal the idea lol. It gave ppl the incentive to pass the word and gave a lot of ppl like me a chance to find your fabulous shop. Good Job!!