Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking Back

I've been reminiscing a bit since I realized that my blog is coming up on its one year anniversary. Then yesterday one of my new friends did a post with advice to start an etsy shop to make extra cash. In the post she linked to one of my early posts, so I went back to read it again. I was a little amazed at where my blog began as opposed to what it has settled into.

When I began this little space, things were just a bit different. There was no twitter to waste my time, back then it was in the etsy forums that I spent far too much time. I went there to learn, to network, to read all the drama that cropped up on a regular basis. At that point I had been around long enough to see most of the complaints come and go and come back again. I was truly sick of most of it and it really became a situation where either I had to say something or just get the hell out of Dodge. I did one and then the other. I used my fresh space to vent and rant and offer up some blunt advice. Then I went to the forums and started a thread linking to my blog post. I would literally spend all day babysitting those threads in order to drive traffic to my blog because I was sure that was how all this worked. I got tons of hits on those posts, ridiculous amounts on some. Then I got a little tired of it and really I had gotten all the complaints out.

You'll notice that my list of popular posts hasn't been updated in quite a long time. It turned out that even though I still had plenty to say and share, nothing was nearly as interesting or polarizing as those first threads. I think I'm going to go back and read them all again and see how many of them stand up nearly a year later, I'm not sure that they do, but they sure seemed important at the time. Check them out if you weren't reading my ramblings back then. If nothing else, they're pretty entertaining as I was channeling my inner Simon Cowell.

Well, I'm off to the dentist again this morning. This time it's for my first crown prep, which I suppose means at least one more appointment until I can be done with my tooth drama. I have also worked out what I'm doing for my anniversary event. Though I didn't know whether I'm going to start it tomorrow or Monday. I guess it depends how I feel after this morning since I think I'll need to do some prep work for the event.

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RockLove said...

Good luck with the tooth (it's almost over, huzzah) and congrats on the blog anniversary. Honestly, your blog has been an inspiration to me... I've been on LJ, DA, Tribe, Facebook, etc all for a very long time. Years before others got into it, and years ago I fell right out.

Keeping your blog consistent and personal is a great accomplishment! Well done!