Monday, March 30, 2009

I Need A Nap

The weekend saw yet another flurry of activity. On Friday, I spent what seemed like hours picking a choosing etsy items for my new blog. Once chosen, I snagged photos and links and put together 2 weeks worth of Monday through Friday posts. I hope by doing them in huge batches this endeavor won't take up too much time and make my husband give me the stink eye over yet another project. I can't even claim this one will earn us any money, so I'm walking a fine line here. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who are already following the blog. Of course some of them are loyal friends, but there are a few I've not heard of at all, which leads me to believe that this blog may potentially fill a real void rather than just be another "finds" blog. Of course only time will tell.

On Saturday, I finally got the last skein of bamboo yarn I needed to finish the tatted scarf I've been working on. It actually took very little time to tat up, but waiting for yarn has stretched out the project to an annoying length. I finished it up and got it all pressed and it look wonderful. It's always amazing to see the warped and messy tatting turn into an intricate complex design with just a bit of heat and steam. It will be sent off to its owner today and I really hope she loves it. I do have most of the last skein of yarn left, but I think I might just crochet a little something with it rather than subject myself to tatting with it again so soon...though there might be enough for a simple collar. I don't know.

The mailman also brought me my winnings from ladyshuttlemaker, a drop dead gorgeous skein of purple silk thread. I'm a little torn though, do I make something to sell or something to keep? It is a moot point right now though, since I have a mask order to complete and since I've sold both pairs of my ankle corsets and my barefoot sandals, I've got a lot of making to do. On top of that, I think I came up with a new hairpiece design that I want to put together and I need to get back to making some simple pieces for the Maker Faire at the end of May as well. Add my crazy allergies, and my kids allergies to the list and I really am surprised that I am still upright. Oh well, it could always be worse, I could be bored.


Eva said...

I agree, you need a nap! But I am totally there with ya in the allergy dept.
I think you should make something for yourself with your new purple thread. Then if there's any left over and you want to share THEN make something to sell.
Just my 2 cents.

Sara said...

Gorgeous scarf!
I couldn't give away anything purple myself, and I think you deserve something pretty just for you. I agree with Eva, but I do hope you share pictures of whatever you end up making.
I've tatted a few medallions for necklaces, and (just like everything else I make) I've kept the first one for myself. :) said...

KEEP THE THREAD FOR YOURSELF!! Save it for a day that you want to make something for yourself. Its a great thread to work with.

elsie said...

I've always been a fan of your shop but just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread and I'm your latest follower!! your blog and your work are truly lovely!! come on over and visit me sometime:

Jrahn said...

I probably should not be boasting but I don't really get allergies any more living down here. I don't miss them in the least.

lunasmom said...

I came across your tatting on Instructables, found a link to your Etsy store to see your beautiful stuff for sale, and then discovered the pair of blogs. I am subscribed to your feed using my Thunderbird reader and I am adding your shop to my blog as a Link of the Day. It's absolutely gorgeous work; tatting is a fiber art I always wished I could learn, it's just so difficult for me to learn without someone in person teaching me. I've hinted strongly at my husband that I love your work and I hope he takes the hint. Good luck with your new blog!