Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Flower For Your hair

I have to say Monday was a huge let down after the flurry of attention I received from my tatted footwear over the weekend. On top of that my husband is gone until Wednesday evening at a conference so I'm alone wrangling the children who oscillate between sad and uncontrollably crazy. Oh and they both have a nice little cough to add to the challenge.

During their nap, I sat down in front of twitter and bounced ideas for a new tatted item off those inclined to pay attention to me. I decided on doing some hair pieces. I have generally avoided the hair accessory idea since there are many others doing the small bobby pin flowers. So I knew that I needed to come up with something different and bold. This project sent me back to the 40's, where I found a vintage carnation pattern worn in the hair. I held it in my hair with my tatting needle when I was finished and snapped a picture with my laptop. I left off the final row of the pattern since I was using size 10 thread, it was already quite large.

Once I was finished with that one, I tried out a magnolia pattern I had found online, but it was a single shuttle pattern that lost something in my translation. The attempt taught me a technique that I used to modify yet another vintage flower motif into a three dimensional design. I ordered up some barrettes and hair combs and when they arrive I will figure out how to attach the flowers to them. I might even embellish with some feathers to make them more of a fascinator than a simple hair clip.

I've got one more easy flower idea on deck, then I want to try my hand at a three dimensional rose. I've seen a few about, but I'm still trying to figure out the basic construction so I can design around that. I also want to see if I can create something inspired by a dahlia because I know someone who might like that a lot. I'm probably making it harder than it is since I refuse to buy modern tatting books. The last thing I want to do is steal patterns intentionally and make things to sell with them. I don't even like to look at too many patterns for fear, I'll unintentionally borrow too heavily from the designs. That's why I love vintage patterns so much, I can use, modify and completely rework them without stepping on anyone's toes. More on the flowers as I get them done and don't worry I haven't forgotten about my anniversary event, I just don't know what it is yet.

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Wenchie said...

Those look very lovely!