Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost There

Great Gatsby people! Yesterday afternoon the entrants on the giveaway passed the threshold for prize number three. You didn't stop there though, this morning as of 7 the entrants stand at 81 and we've only started day three.

A pair of The Queen's Feet barefoot sandals have now been included in the giveaway and I have no doubt that you will reach the number needed for the ankle corsets very soon. So, I have to wonder now if I should have set the bar even higher. I have seen a lot of blog giveaways and I assumed that my numbers were already quite a stretch. Is my giveaway structure actually that clever? Are the prizes just that inciting? Am I just that cool and I didn't know it?

I'll probably never know for sure what has made this giveaway a success already, but it is. Sure, the entries started with very familiar names, but more recently the names are entirely new, which is of course the hidden motive for any giveaway, exposure to a new audience. The sale portion of my event is not doing so well though. So far, only one sale tied to the event. I had hoped that this would help jump start my sluggish sales, but it's not over yet, so I'm still hopeful.

One last thing for today, I put together two different hair clips and listed them yesterday. I know I want to come up with at least one more design for this line before I stop making them.

This one is called Crimson and Clover. I asked for name help over on twitter and that one was perfect for this design that combines three different tatted flowers. The black one is a four leave clover design and I added a crystal to pull the whole thing together. Again, this is new territory so I struggled with attaching it to the clip. I opted to stitch the piece on using the tail. It slides a bit on the clip, but not much. I might add a dot of glue for security, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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delightw said...

Your work is quite stunning.Just sayin'