Friday, February 3, 2017

Today's Plan

Sorry, it was another achievement free day, unless you count getting the laundry done as an achievement. Yeah, no, me either. So instead of writing about yesterday I'm just going to focus on the plan for today. Once schooling is wrapped and kids have headed out with Grandma for lunch, I'm going to get the next Armenian lace video made and posted. Of course that's supposing everything goes according to plan. So if everything works as I hope, I should either have one video doing the next two stitches or two videos with one stitch each. It all depends on how long it takes to demonstrate each one. I want to keep the videos really short.

I won't post the video link here until Monday, but It'll show up if you subscribe to my YouTube channel and I'll post on my Facebook page, Twitter and post it on Instructables as soon as I get it done. So here's to today going as planned.


Staci said...

Laundry, done and dusted, is most definitely an achievement in my book. Feel successful!

muskaan said...

Excellent video and a very beautiful stitch ! Thanks :-)