Thursday, February 9, 2017


I had a nice busy day of my own making yesterday. After schooling I got work finished on the choker I've been making. So that means this pieces takes about three days to make if I work all day long. There were no orders in my shop to give me something else to make, so I had to rely on myself. Luckily this piece was giving me ideas for a similar piece.

In a rare occurrence I actually started this one by drawing out the basic motif. My skills in this regard are very minimal, so I usually just start tatting and hope I can hold the picture in my head of what I'm trying to create. This time I'm glad I took the extra step. This is actually the second try on the prototype. The first was a fail of stitch counts. This one seems to be working up just fine.  I still have a way to go before this section is complete and the plan is to add to this base, likely on both the top edge and the bottom, but that's still yet to be designed.

I imagine that this project should keep me busy for at least a few days as I design, then work up the final piece. I should still take a break tomorrow to do the next Armenian lace video. It sure is nice to have projects in queue. Too bad I don't get paid for them.


sylvie 66 said...

Absolutely very lovely as it is. With the top/bottom additions I think you may very well have two new designs in fact :)
My plan for tommorrow: watching video 3, wishing I hadn't forbidden myself to start trying making lace before I completed my in-progress knitting. Thank you for making them, they're super-green... yes, I did watch The 5th Element yesterday again and as usual the vocab is going to stick for some time :)

Erzsabet Tam said...

This is lovely!

I linked your blog on my sidebar of my blog Thanks for all the hard work you share with the community.