Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Almost Done

Another day spent mostly tatting on this necklace. I still have one more day of work left on it as well. I'm sure I could have gotten it finished yesterday if I had chosen to, you know, not eat or do anything else at all. There was no rush though, so it'll likely be finished today and then popped back into the shop.

I am noticing that this time around the tatting is a bit tighter than the last time I made it, so I'm making a conscious effort to loosen it a bit, so the size is at least close to the same. Since the piece is actually laced up though, it's a bit better that's its smaller so that it can be worn by anybody.

I'm kind of hoping that I get another order in the shop when I finish making this piece so that I have a good reason to keep on tatting. Of course I think I might actually have a new idea for another of this type of piece, maybe it's finally time to make something new.

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