Friday, February 24, 2017

Two New

So, guess what? Yep, I actually made some things yesterday. They aren't groundbreaking or anything, but I like both pieces. As soon as I have them both made in a few colors, they'll be heading to my etsy shop. The first one I made was probably because of my tutorial videos. I guess I have fancy single side stitch stuck in my brain. This one it a bit different than the other Armenian lace pieces because I made the lace section shorter on purpose. I wanted it to be able to be worn looser than a choker if wanted.

Then of course that idea gave birth to another idea. That was to take the basic idea and take a step further to just a pendant section, but on the same type of cord. I don't know if I meant to make a triangle in the first place, but that's what I ended up with and I like the way it turned out. I've already made a second one of these in black. Of course I kind of made it for myself, so I'll likely make another so I can have it for the shop.

Because the lace sections are shorter on these, I can make them much faster as well. Much faster also means I can price them less and hopefully that will help them sell, because I really need to be selling more. Hopefully by early next week, these will be in my shop with some color choices.

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Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

I really like both. And I think I need to own a triangle one. Have a great weekend!