Friday, February 17, 2017

Two distractions yesterday at all, though I wouldn't have complained about maybe a sale interrupting my work, but I digress. I got the choker finished and opted for a regular adjustable clasp. Though I think the ribbon would have worked as well, the clasp just makes it far more wearable for most people. It also means it sits a bit looser on the neck which is quite comfortable for me at least. It's listed in my shop now.

After I was done with that I thought a it about today's video which will likely be how to start round laces. I'm still not completely certain, but I have the morning to work it out. I followed that with working up a pendant necklace from the central motif. This is the first go round with it. It's interesting, but I agreed when it was suggested that it needed something added to it. Unfortunately I have very little in the way of charms or drops on hand. It's an ongoing side effect of selling less and less over the last few years.

This is what I was able to come up with from what I had on hand. I know the picture is not very clear, but I added seed beads to the picots and a round drop to the end. The chains are simple crochet cord and it closes with a macrame slide clasp. I still haven't decided if both or either are going into the shop, the reception for the design so far has been less than enthusiastic. Maybe I'll try it in color and see if that changes my mind, or maybe I'll just move onto one of the other ideas and see if the motif works better in bracelet form. We'll just have to see how this weekend treats me.

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