Monday, February 13, 2017

Armenian Knotted Lace Video, The Third

We've had a pretty rough weekend around here. There's just been a whole lot of things adding up to create a stressful environment for our family. I don't really want to ramble on about it, but I did want to put it out there as a vague explanation for any odd behavior I may be unconsciously expressing.

Luckily before things starting piling up I did make and post the newest Armenian lace tutorial. This one is on the square loop with a little extra instruction at the end regarding adding new thread. I'm not certain what the plan is for this week's video, but if you have any requests do let me know. For now here's the video and I'm crossing my fingers that this weeks goes better than the last one.


muskaan said...

Your videos are awesome & I tried all 3 stitches you deom-ed. (Posted pics today). I really like the single side stitch - makes a pretty edge.
Thanks :-)

goudenregen said...

Thanks again. Trying it out, but it is harder than tatting, for me at least.