Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It was day two working on the is tatted choker necklace. It is by far the largest design I have ever done, so remaking it doesn't happen too often. In fact I think this may be only the third time I've made one. It should come as no shock that I don't have a pattern written down, so I needed to get as much of the new one made before I have to ship the sold one to its new home. I still have at least one full day left of work on it, but I got enough done last night to have the stitch counts for the remaining sections pretty much down.

It was definitely nice to spend a day tatting and since I still have much work on this piece, today should be about the same. Oh and thanks for the lovely feedback I've been getting on my videos. I will definitely add changing thread to the list of techniques and feel free to suggest anything else that might be helpful for future tutorials.

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