Friday, April 29, 2016


I did exactly what I thought I'd do yesterday. I obsessively checked for an email that didn't come and knotted thread. I did manage to also read two novellas and start reading another novel. I did do all that while not completely ignoring the children and their schooling needs.

The Armenian lace has reached about 30 inches across and I cannot get around the piece with fewer than two lengths of thread. I actually measured and I use about 14.5 feet of thread every time I cut a new piece. It's a bit unwieldy at first, but I think I've gotten used to it. The last couple of rounds have been an experiment. I mean I've been trying out a knot combination that I didn't actually learn from anywhere and making it up myself. It's similar to others, so hopefully it looks good as I keep going.

It certainly likely that today will be a twin of yesterday. Hopefully I hear back one way or another from the potential customer so I can have some closure there. I dislike just wondering what happened. So, here's so a weekend with some answers and hopefully some tatting too.

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