Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Question For You

Well, my sick brain is fading, just a bit. I likely have the rest of the week to spend time with this cold though, so don't expect too much. I spent most of yesterday knotting on the Armenian lace again with no pictures to show for it. I did attempt to get back to reading a bit while doing so and since everything made sense, I must be getting better.

I remembered yesterday afternoon that I forgot to mention something here. You see, next week, on the 19th, is my 10th anniversary selling my tatting on Etsy. I'd like to do something to commemorate this milestone. I was thinking a sale, but I'd love to know what percent off would be the most inciting to get you to celebrate with me? You know, within reason. Personally I don't consider it a sale until it's 25% off, but that's just me. I was also thinking about maybe creating a sale section where I put the patterns on sale for a couple of bucks each and some tatting for $10 or something like that. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. The shop is still mighty quiet and I'm kind of hoping that I can at least wake it up next week.

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