Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Back to Tatting

Thanks so much for the congratulatory comments yesterday. I did get a few sales in my shop. Not as many as I had hoped, of course, but the sale code is still good until the 24th, so I'm crossing my fingers that they'll trickle in over the next few days. The ones I did get though, will keep me tatting for a couple of days at least. I started by remaking a couple of pendants that sold. The first one I did was this heart. It's one I designed years ago based on a common edging.

Then it was the tiny triangle. This one is definitely not an original design, but rather a vintage element that I adjusted the stitch counts on until it served my purpose. After these I got to work on remaking a beaded necklace that I didn't get a picture of at all. I did finish it up last night though.

This morning I do have a couple of orders to pack up and send out and an anklet to remake for the shop. Then I'll likely spend much of the day pestering various social networks with my sale. I even made a little graphic to share it with.

So remember you can get 25% off with the code HAPPY10TH in my shop until the 24th of April, and please do share the sale if you can!

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