Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Still Busy

I was nice and busy again yesterday. I finished up the ankle corsets while schooling actually. Some days I can get away with tatting while teaching, though it doesn't always work. Some days I'm up and around so much helping with two different classes at once that I'm surprised I don't drop weight, but not yesterday. Yesterday I was able to sit and work long enough between helping that I got things done.

Right after schooling, I got a necklace order in the shop and I set to work on remaking that one. Finally I had a request for a slightly larger version of my doily fascinator head pieces. I couldn't answer the customers questions theoretically, so I'm working on a new prototype for the request right now. That should take me a bit today and then depending on the results, I could have more tasks ahead. I certainly hope this work level lasts for a while.

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