Wednesday, April 6, 2016


My tatting task yesterday was to remake a lapel pin I sold over the weekend. This one is based on a vintage or antique tatting picture, not even a pattern. I can't, for the life of me, remember where I saw it originally, but I had to use a lot of guess work to figure out the stitch counts and joins. I'm fairly certain that the ones I use are utterly unlike the original ones, but it looks close enough to the original that I call it a win. Of course now I just have to use a completed piece to remember how to make it again.

After that was done, I went back to knotting, but I don't think I got very far. I think I might have made it around the piece once, but that's really not enough progress to share, is it?

I don't have any tatting in queue today, so it'll just be reading and knotting. Well, after schooling the kids and maybe a wee bit of yard work. Not too much though, we're due for some summer temperatures today and I am not ready for those yet.  The rain is suppose to return on Friday and through the weekend, so things should be back to normal soon. Well, what passes for normal around here anyway.

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louine said...

Love the lapel pin. Don't remember seeing that one on etsy.