Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Flying Stars

Man, those pendant kept me busy most of yesterday. I mean it was a good handful of them, but I didn't think it would actually take me days to get them all made. Apparently I'm out of practice or something. I suppose that's possible given that I've spent so much time knotting lately to make up for the slow shop.This is the stack of stars yesterday afternoon as I started in on the outer rounds of them. I did finish them toward the end of the day and went back to knotting to unwind.

I'm on the second round of basket stitch and progress is slow. I'm at about 27" across and that makes for rounds that are over 7 feet of knotting each. It's taking me three lengths of thread to get around once and I use, oh about 13 feet or so at a time. I still haven't gotten it back to flat yet either. I fear it will be quite some time before I get it flat enough for a picture of the whole thing again.

I do have one more piece that was ordered over the weekend that I need to get tatted up for the shop, so I'll get to that this afternoon and some more knotting I imagine. These stars will go out in the post this morning, so if you're expecting some, they're on their way and I hope you love them.

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