Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday was reading and knotting, again. Saturday was a little errand running and a lot of cleaning. That evening we had a pair of my nieces over for the night. I just can't let people who don't live here see how normally lazy I am regarding the house cleaning.

Finally on Sunday I heard back from the customer that I made the prototype head piece for. The request was to purchase the prototype and see it in person before committing to more pieces. So I finished the piece off, actually wrote down the pattern changes just in case and will be shipping it out this morning. If he likes it, then I'll likely be making more of them, if not, at least I got paid for the prototyping and that's pretty rare.

I'm starting this week without any projects again, so there's going to be more Armenian lace knotting I assume. Well that and probably a lot of reading.

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