Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I had a lovely, busy day yesterday. Before schooling I made up a custom order of pendants. Then, just as I finished schooling the kids, I got an order in the shop. Lucky for me, that order contained a pair of ankle corsets and a bracelet, so I had plenty to do. I started by remaking the bracelet. This one is based on a classic insertion pattern. I mucked with the stitch counts when I designed it, but it essentially looks the same. I like it because it seems off balanced somehow.

After I got the bracelet made it was onto remaking the ankle corsets.They generally take more than a full day to make, so I'm not quite done with them yet. And since I skipped over the other pieces that needed remaking to get to these, I still have a nice queue of pieces after I do finish them. That means today should be nice and busy even if the shop stays quiet. I do adore being busy.

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