Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I have a bit of the sick brain right now. You know, that kinda fuzzy, nothing is quite in focus brain. I mean it's just a cold, but it is definitely interfering with my ability to function correctly. I did still manage to school the children, but I haven't bothered reading any books that last few days. I'm pretty sure my comprehension skills are on the fritz as well. Luckily knotting thread does not use too many brain cells. Also, it's a really good thing that spell check exists or this would be a nightmare to read right now.

I'm still working on rounds of basket stitch. The ripple is starting to finally work itself out, but it's definitely still there. I'm thinking about switching to small loops after the last round, but I'm not entirely certain. I hope my brain clears up a bit today and I can make an intelligent decision. Of course I'm also hoping that my sinuses clear and I can breath properly again. There are a lot of hopes and wishes going on in my head right now. I'm crossing my fingers that a few of them come true soon.

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StringyDogs said...

You have made incredible progress on the tablecloth. And, it is lovely.

I can commiserate about feeling "fuzzy". I don't know why colds/sinuses mess with my brain as much as they do. I guess we are same that way. Good luck. I hope you are better soon!