Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Recap

It was quite the whirlwind weekend I had around here. First of all, Thank you so much for all the pattern and pendant orders on Friday! While I don't think I'll ever match the volume I did on the first couple of ITD events, it was much better than anticipated. I couldn't work on much of it until Saturday though. Friday was for cleaning and errand running ahead of my youngest daughter's birthday weekend.

Saturday was the family birthday party. That meant more cleaning, decorating and setting out food. I even baked a bit. Then there was a couple of hours of chaos, followed by more cleaning and then I finally got to sit for a spell. I started in on the stars, but I still have all the outlines to do as well as a few more middles. Hopefully I'll have them all done by tomorrow.

Sunday was the actual birthday, so the day was given over to family birthday adventures. We started with a trip out of town to the zoo. This is us waiting for the bird show to start. The birthday girl is wearing her brand new top hat. This was followed by a trip to the toy store. Then there was the mall because she had asked to get her ears pierced. Then it was out of town once more for dinner. To say it was an exhausting weekend is a serious understatement. I hardly even touched the Armenian lace. But we're back to Monday now, so tatting, then knotting and hopefully just a little extra sitting time.

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muskaan said...

Very cheerful tatting and outing :-)