Friday, January 29, 2016


We had the day off of schooling so we took a nice long morning walk and I managed to finish reading yet another novel all before lunch time. After lunch I took care of the most recent day of the TIAS. I have to tell you I am now utterly boggled as to what this is becoming. Seriously I've got no bloody clue right now. I've also been seriously fudging the bead sizes recommended because I don't have any the proper sizes. I hope they're close enough to work for whatever the heck this is.
After that I got the barefoot sandals finished and listed in the shop. The sun didn't want to cooperate, so I think the pictures are a tad inferior. I also didn't bother to paint my toenails and that's bothering me about them as well. I suppose I can always redo the pictures later if I feel so compelled. The important part is that they are now in the shop and I think they turned out pretty good. I think that also means I'm done with the Black Star motif for now. Maybe I'll have some inspiration today and start something in a new direction. More likely I'll read a lot more and relax a bit. Here's just hoping I have something remotely interesting to share on Monday.

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