Thursday, January 7, 2016

That's Better

I definitely got more done yesterday than the previous one. After schooling I went ahead and headed over to the TIAS blog and got the first day of that made up. As per usual I have no idea what it is that we're making and I will likely continue in ignorance for the bulk of the project. That's okay though, I enjoy a surprise and especially one in nice uncomplicated bite size pieces.

Even though that did in fact put me in the mood to tat, I had nothing to make and no ideas bubbling up, so I went ahead and did some preliminary tax work instead. The shop was so slow all year that I didn't bother doing any of the books during the year assuming that it would be quick at the end. It was, and the totals for the year were incredibly pathetic. I've still more work to do, but since we can't file our taxes early as we wait for investment forms, I'm in no big rush.

After that it was reading until I got a wonderful order in the shop. It was for a bracelet that I have only made once before, so I needed to get straight to work remaking it before I shipped off the existing one. Yes, that's because I don't have a pattern written down and this one is a little hard to work from photographs as it's layered. This is just the central motif before I added the outer round and then there are two side motifs. I can't even remember when I designed this one, but I remember I thought the layering was clever. It sure is fiddly to work though.

That brings me to this morning with all projects finished, so I'll be again crossing my fingers for an order or an idea as the day goes on. If nothing happens, I'm sure to read more and I guess that's not a bad way to spend the day.

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