Monday, January 4, 2016

The First Week

Well here we are starting the first week of the new year. Schooling starts back up and the house has been put back in order. All the decorations are away and most of the chaos of the holidays has faded. Of course one child is still rocking a holiday cold. Hers seems to have gotten better, mutated and returned, so we'll be fighting through that a bit today, but that's about it.

Over the weekend I finished the knit top I was working on and didn't take any pictures. I also got an order in the shop and did some tatting, and didn't take any pictures. I blame my picture laziness on the fact that I was also reading while doing these things. I finished three different books over the weekend including an incredibly long Stephen King one. Now that we're back to schooling, I won't have the same kind of free time though, so I'll need to better choose what to do with it. I'm still hoping for some creative brainstorm to hit soon and unleash some new tatting. Crossing my fingers now and getting on with this first week.

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