Monday, January 18, 2016


Well, we had a bit of a weird weekend around here. Two of our best friends are moving away soon and since we couldn't stop them from leaving we seem to have decided to acquire those things that they can't or don't want to take with them. So on Saturday we collected all their plants and brought them home. On Sunday we rented a truck and acquired some pieces of their furniture and with the help of my nephews moved those to our house as well. Then we had those same nephews and their sisters and mother over for dinner to thank them. It was just a pretty busy couple of days with little time to sit down and do any tatting at all.

I did manage enough time last night to catch up with the TIAS. I was actually a day behind, so I had both day 4 and 5 to tackle. I have to tell you I was a bit confused by the day 5 instructions. Usually I immediately know how to change shuttle instructions to needle ones, but Jane's fancy diagrams threw me off for a few minutes. I was thinking that there must be some crazy technique here that I'll never figure out. Then I realized this is just one of those times when the needle is actually easier than the shuttles. Anyway I'm guessing that's it's a frog at this point, but since that seems the obvious way to go, it's probably something far different and this is just a red herring.

We have the day off off school and the husband is off work, so I should get some time to work on the star necklace piece that I haven't touched for days. Here's hoping.

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