Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not Quite

I spent most of our day off yesterday doing things like laundry and dishes. We did make an effort to go out and take a nice walk as a family in between the rain that ended in the morning and the clouds coming back in the evening to start all over again. I finished the novel I was reading and I pulled out my tatting to finish that star necklace. I'm not sure that I like it yet. I fear that the end triangles are too long and it distorts the shape of the whole, so there's a good chance I'll be tearing down the ends and doing that again. Though I do like the 'chain' portions I created. In fact I started thinking about using that design to make something else, a little more delicate.

I also got a small order for a pendant, so I had that to remake as well. We're back to school today and I'm hoping a little routine will get me to finish remaking this necklace and get it all the way to the shop. I've been so ridiculously lazy about getting final pieces into the shop for quite some time.  I have a bunch of reasons why that is, but I won't get to whining about that now. I'll just try to fight it today and get some work done.

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