Monday, February 1, 2016


Luckily on Friday I got a couple of sales. This gave me a couple of projects over the weekend and kept me from keeping my nose buried in my kindle all weekend. I mean, I still read a lot, but I came up for air and thread. The first one I remade was this small rose pendant in linen thread. I both love and hate linen thread. I love the way it looks. It has more character than something made with perfectly smooth cotton thread. On the other hand it's difficult to work with. The varying thickness can get difficult to pull through and I occasionally have to adjust the stitch count in order to maintain the shape of the pattern since sometimes the knots are larger and sometimes smaller.

On Saturday I was remaking medallion earrings also in linen thread. This time I actually remade three pairs in all the shades of linen I have. This is partly because I wear a pair of these in black that I may have taken from my stock. I figured I'd just make a new pair if they ever sold so I could keep them, but since I was doing the one, I decided to do them all. The earrings are a much larger design than the rose and with 6 of them to make and stiffen, I was happily busy much of Saturday.

I actually still have one more piece I was suppose to remake, but I forgot all about it until this morning. I guess that gives me something to start my day with. We still have a few more days off from schooling, so I'm sure I'll read too much again today. Here's hoping for another sale or two to keep me tatting.

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