Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Well I managed two tatting tasks yesterday. I did the last 2 days of the TIAS, because apparently I was that far behind, and I made something new. I was so on top of the TIAS last time, but for some reason I keep missing the posts this year. It's my fault. I think it might be my incessant reading. I haven't read this continuously since I was childless and it is an effective distraction from the Internet. Anyway, I think I'm sticking with my frog guess now for this piece, though I am usually wrong.

So onto the new thing I made. Well it's still just the Black Star pattern, but now it's a bracelet. I kept looking at the choker version and being fundamentally disappointed in its structure. There were some salvageable elements though and I used them to make this cuff bracelet. It's meant to sit low on the hand since it flares a bit, but I don't think it comes down on the hand enough for a slave bracelet.

I should get this one into the shop today since we should have sun for the week. In fact making this bracelet gave me a fresh idea about a choker version that I might try out as well. That should give me some tatting to go along with my reading for a spell.

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Madtatter80 said...

the cuff is very great save and I too had to catch up with TAIS