Thursday, January 28, 2016

Feet and Read

We had an online teacher meeting yesterday morning for my youngest and it lasted forever. It was also terribly frustrating as we only meet with this particular teacher online. Communication is awkward and we enter that realm where 'why say something in five words, when you can use a hundred to belabor the point', exists. I much prefer emails, but there's nothing for it. We do what we must.

Once all that was over I did get to tatting. It turns out the barefoot sandal idea may just work after all. After this photo I went ahead and gave it straps and went onto it's twin. It should have gone faster, but I was distracted. I should manage to get them finished today. I might even get them listed in the shop.

I was distracted because I decided to finally sign up with goodreads. I was having a hard time keeping track of everything I've been reading lately, so I thought I'd use it for that purpose. I then spent much of the day inputting all the books I've read recently and some on my shelves at home. I've only made a dent in the list of all the books I've ever read, but I really don't think I'll ever even try to do that. I just figured the more I listed the better the recommendations would be. I haven't even thought about reviewing anything yet. I suppose I will eventually. I can't imagine I will use much if any of the social aspects of the site, but I'm relieved to finally have a nice visual list that makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something when I finish yet another book.