Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It was definitely a nice and busy Monday morning. I had an order to get out in the post first thing. That was followed by a surprisingly drama free morning of schooling for the kids. I think that they might have actually been happy to get back to work, or at least have something more to do than sit about and be lazy.

After schooling I had a custom order of tatted hearts to make up. These are for a wonderful return customer that I've been lucky enough to work with several times over that last decade. She employs me to make tatted bits for her to use in her own creative work. Mostly they are hearts of varying sizes.

After those were made up I finished remaking the last piece from the order I sent out in the morning. I then started reading. I managed two short stories and started another enormous novel. I guess I can find time for all the things I want to do during the day.

I'm finished with tatting tasks, so I'm crossing my fingers for something to come up while I'm schooling the kids this morning. Otherwise it's more reading and perhaps I'll get back to some knitting as I have a gift to make. Though it's not needed until Spring, so I might not. Oh, who knows what the day will actually bring, but i might as well get to it.

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