Friday, January 22, 2016

I got the purple star made yesterday and even though the sun was being a useless tease, I got pictures taken and got them all listed in my shop as well. I didn't take any modeled photographs though. Without the sun, they would just be too dark or harsh with the flash. Or you could just assume I was fighting a case of too lazy and just barely won. The point is, the Black Star necklaces are listed now and I'm crossing my fingers that someone will love them enough to actually buy one, or all of them.

I actually got an order yesterday for a different necklace, so once I was done with the stars I moved on to remaking that for the shop. In fact I was going so good on that, I forgot all about the most recent day of the TIAS. I guess that gives me something to get to today. Hopefully this weekend will be slightly less eventful than the last one. We do have a going away dinner to attend on Saturday night, but the rest of the weekend is blissfully unplanned.

Oh, before I forget, I do think that I will make this pattern available at some point, but not for some time at least. The next pattern I put out will be for International Tatting Day in April. If enough folks want it to be this one, I'll go ahead and write it up. So I guess let me know if that is something you'd like.

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sylvie 66 said...

What a beautiful pattern! I liked it all black, but I must say I prefer your latest multicolored ones. I'm sure whatever you choose would be great, but it would indeed be lovely to release this pattern for International Tatting Day. Pity April is so far away.