Friday, December 26, 2014

Chaos, Cats, and Snowflakes

Again, I am am up far before dawn as the cats have decided that I need to wake up a good forty minutes earlier than usual. I tried to ignore them, but their go to move it scratching gently at my face. That's pretty hard to ignore. Yes, these innocent looking cats are complete menaces to my sleep.

We had a good, if not chaotic holiday here with about 20 people in the house for a good chunk of the day. I cleaned and cooked, then cleaned some more, thankfully missing much of the day's political conversations. It's much easier to keep my mouth shut and not get into it when I have a pile of dishes in front of me that must disappear.

I think everyone was pretty pleased with their gifts though no one made any comments about their snowflakes except for a glitter comment that I'm sure I missed most of. Since they all have them though, here's an in progress photo of them as they were drying after the glitter modge podge. I thought it turned out to be a fairly interesting small snowflake, not that the world needs more tatted snowflake patterns.

At least some of our guests will be here through the weekend, so more family activities are likely. I also got a request from my sister yesterday to make her a pair of wrist warmers like the ones I made for the kids, so I'll have another knitting project just as soon as she brings over some yarn. She's bringing the kids over this morning for video gaming and relative visiting so it will likely be today as well. If only I hadn't woken up with a cold sore forming, the weekend would be looking good.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful snow flakes