Friday, December 12, 2014


Sorry, just another day of not too much to share. I think we got most of the work samples we need put together for the kids' promotion. I've just got some final organizing to do this morning before the meeting. I suppose after I hand all this stuff over, I can at least relax a bit. Of course there's always the chance that they will refuse the requests and then I'm not certain what happens, but I really ought not worry about that now.

I did get to a little tatting yesterday, mostly cat ear headbands. I have three complete ones now, so I think that I shall stop for now. I also remade one pendant that I actually sold sometime ago and forgot to remake. I did make another small sale yesterday, but it was a one off necklace, so I don't really have anything to remake from that. Of course I'm not sure how productive I'll even feel after the meeting this morning. Hopefully something will present itself over the weekend, a sale, or some inspiration to get me back to work. Here's hoping. I'll leave you with some cats in their new favorite spot under the Christmas tree. Everything is better with cats.

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