Wednesday, December 3, 2014


So I was off with the family all day yesterday. The husband had a doctor's appointment out of town an when that happens, we use it as an excuse to go to the fancy mall there. Luckily this allowed us to knock out a huge chunk of our holiday shopping, unfortunately this also allowed us to spend the money required to knock out that huge chunk of our holiday shopping.

I didn't get any tatting done, even though I brought some in the car. It was dark and rainy most of the trip and that makes me a nervous passenger. I just can't seem to allow my self to become distracted even though there is nothing I can do to help against the elements. I also forgot to mention that the oldest child picked up a cold over the Thanksgiving weekend and then proceeded to gift it to me. Of course she got the mild version and I got the, I feel like complete crap, version. I'm sure that didn't help either.

Today I should get my mother-in-law's snowflakes finished with their hooks and then maybe I'll try to get some rest to scare off this illness. More likely I'll spend the day miserable and complaining about everything I can think of. Be glad you live far away. Here's to feeling better, and maybe getting some sales in the etsy shop to cheer me up.


Tally Tatty said...

Cheer up, TotusMel!! Do you live in California? I have never been ther, but according to the songs,it is the nicest place on earth.

Carolyn said...

Ah, man, I have the I feel like crap cold as well. And I am whining about everything. I hope you improve speedily!