Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Much

Anther day of plodding along with work samples for the kids promotion. We only have one more day really to get everything done and I've saved the more laborious tasks for today. That's partly because I'm a procrastinator at heart and partly because there's a storm coming through today and the children will really be stuck in the house as soon as it starts. Nowhere to run and all that.

I also got a little tatting done as well. Not a whole lot of it and nothing worth photographing really, but I did it. Once more cat ear headband was completed and a third started. I also tatted up a small pair of earrings, which was the last thing to sell in my shop. So today, after schooling, I'll just keep working on cat ear headbands until my attention is requested elsewhere and I honestly hope that it is. I really could use a pleasant distraction soon.

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