Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Glove and Chaos

Well, I certainly had an interesting day. It started out with cleaning and getting a second guest room created out of the chaos that we call the kids' toy room. Then there was the disassembling of the school set up to make room for the family on Christmas. This was followed by copious amounts of vacuuming. I was going to wrap up the cleaning with the bathroom when the toilet decided to malfunction. It was shooting water up out of the valve causing a leak from the tank. Fun, right? The internet told me the issue and the fix so after the family's dentist appointments, yep we did that fun task too, it was off to the hardware store for parts and home to fix a toilet. If this is sounding like spectacular was to spend a vacation day, well then I'm not certain any of us understand the word 'vacation'.

When all that nonsense was wrapped, I finally sat down to knit. My fingers are killing me from all this tight, small work. I always forget that each fiber art causes it's own unique calluses and if I take too long between each my fingers get all soft and vulnerable again. I'm getting pretty close to finishing the first glove of the pair, but I'm likely to slow down again today. One of my brothers arrived to stay with us yesterday evening and the other brother, his wife, and their cats will be here tonight. I still have counters to clean off and floors to steam mop. I do so miss being a kid with nothing to do but play games and be so loud that gags were threatened. I haven't threatened mine with that quite yet, but I certainly have thought it.

If I don't write tomorrow, have a happy Thursday and/or Christmas, whichever it is for you and yours.

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Unknown said...

too little too late but if your plumbing issue was what i thought it was, someone told me to just place a rag over the leaking valve and it will flow down instead of shooting up and leaking out the tank - a short term fix that would have saved you a little time during an already jam packed few days. It would have lasted until after the holidays when you have more time and less stress. Happy Holydays and Holidays.