Monday, December 15, 2014

A Small New

No giant news from the weekend, but I did get up to something. I had decided to augment some of the gifts we were giving with a tatted something. I decided to go with a small snowflake and I was lazy enough to go and just use an existing pattern by anyone else, but I couldn't find one I liked that was the right degree of easy and interesting. I found one close on I think, a Polish site, so I started with it and changed it until I really liked it and that's what I made. They worked up fast, which is what I hoped and while I worked I thought maybe without the arms it would make a cute asymmetric pendant. That's what the picture is, not the snowflake, but the pendant born from it. I don't like to share photos of things I'm gifting until after they've been gifted. Not that many people I know in real life will actually read this, but still.

So today's projects are, finish the snowflake gifts with sparkle and hooks, then work up a final pendant piece and perhaps get it in the shop. I'm also going to be putting one of them in every non-pattern etsy order I get from now until Christmas. Though I won't put an announcement in the shop about it until I have it listed as a sale item. It really feels nice to have finally made something new, even if it is small. Maybe I'll see what else can be done with the basic motif, or maybe not. It really is too soon to tell if creativity or lazy malaise will win the week. At least it's starting on an upswing.

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sylvie 66 said...

So cute! I hope you'll show a picture of the snowflakes after the recipients get them. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, and all the readers of this message :)