Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Yesterday was completely the opposite of the day that preceded it. I felt about as productive as a sloth. I tried to get the new bracelet idea worked out, but I seriously failed. I cut more than one idea off that thing before I unceremoniously threw it on the lace pile. There's a slight chance I'll go back and get it figured out in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I was however still in the mood to make things. I spent a good deal of time scrounging around my thread stash to find something that would give me a project when I ran across some sock yarn. I decided to knit, just for the sake of getting my hands back to busy. I tried to find a pattern that inspired me, I even signed into ravelry for maybe the third time ever for some inspiration and I found nothing that jumped out. So I just looked though my stitch dictionary, found a nice simple lace stitch and starting making what I assume will become a scarf...not that I need any more scarves.

While the knitting is now my fall back project, I woke up to a sale and a convo that led to another small sale the minute I responded. That means I have things to remake for the shop today. I am certainly pleased about that and it should keep me busy even through tomorrow. Just another couple of days until the kids are on vacation and I think I'm bound to join least a little bit.

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