Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ugh, Again

Oh, how I was I could tell you that I was feeling better, but alas, I'm afraid that I am feeling worse. I'd run down the miserable cold symptoms, but I'm certain you don't want to read all that. I did manage to do all the finishing work on the snowflakes. They all have hooks, are bagged, and ready for my mother-in-law to gift. Then I attempted to simply rest and watch some shows on my DVR, but despite feeling like crap, I couldn't just do nothing. So I spent the afternoon tatting up a pair of ankle corsets.

So I suppose today, I'll look and see if there is anything else I ought to remake for the shop just so I have something to do while I try not to move from the couch. I can really hardly wait until my cold has run it's course and I can feel good again. I guess I'll cross my fingers for that today.

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