Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Snowflakes Again

Yesterday, while I got little tatting done, I did continue to work on the snowflake project. Since their destiny is to be Christmas ornaments, they look much better with a little sparkle. I use Sparkle Modge Podge for the task. I coat them on both sides so it takes a good day for them to be dry enough for me to add their hooks.

This is just one set of them on wax paper. There are about 2 dozen of them in total. We're off on a family adventure today, so I'm awake far too early if you ask me, but that also means that I won't get to the hooking of these until tomorrow. Once that's done, I'm all out of projects.

I did use some of the drying time to work on a pair of ankle corsets, not that any of them sold recently. I just needed something to focus my energy on and I chose that. There's still been no uptick in the shop, so I'm just going to keep plugging away and crossing my fingers some more.

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