Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Welcome to Zombie Tuesday. Okay, this time I can't completely blame the time change. This time it was my choice of activities yesterday that contributed to my lack of sunshiny-ness this morning. You see our neighbors to one side have been landscaping their backyard...for years. Since we have a two story house we have noted the slow progress. Recently they've picked up construction and installed an outdoor kitchen in the back corner adjacent to our yard, complete with a raised grade meaning they can look over our fence and we can see whatever they are doing as well. This will not do. Our solution was to buy some small, but fast growing hedges and when the weather report yesterday stated that rain would be starting today and possibly last a full week, I realized I needed to get the suckers in the ground myself. So that brings us back to why it is Zombie Tuesday and I am grumpy and sore. The end.

I did also get the fuchsia pieces listed as I said I would. I think I even managed to fully capture the brightness of the color in the pictures, which may not be noteworthy but impressed me anyway. I am pretty sure this is the last of the bright thread I have on hand, so I should really be done with it this time.

Other than my 'gardening' activities, yesterday was fairly calm and uneventful. I couldn't think of a new tatting project so I looked through my sold items to see if there is anything that I did miss remaking that I shouldn't have and I ran across a couple. That will likely be my task today unless the shop should get busy. Yes, I'm doing that thing where I write something hoping it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Don't laugh, it works more times than you'd imagine. Well, I'm off to the treadmill to shake off the morning zombies...hopefully.

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** jess! ** said...

So what was your secret for catching the vividness of the bright color?

I love the self fulfilling prophecies myself. I feel like if I say it aloud or publish it then I'd be a liar if I didn't do it. That's a strong motivation :o)