Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My sanity is mostly intact, but I didn't get nearly what I wanted to get done, done. I managed a trip to mail out some orders. Then sorted some bank business. Then I decided to take a trip to Michael's for ribbon and new scissors since mine keep disappearing around here. I'm pretty sure there's a gnome around here collecting them, but since I can't prove it, I just bought more pairs. All this and schooling took me right up to lunch time. Then we cleaned since we were having the cousins over for dinner and some sanity recovering playtime. So it wasn't until then that I got some tatting done.

I started by first getting the all important findings put on all the pieces I had recently tatted. I tend to save that task until I have quite the stack to do and yesterday was no exception. After that I got one necklace made up and one bracelet. I never did get around to taking pictures of the newest scrolling necklace as the sun was no longer cooperating at this point. I should have taken care of it earlier of course. I was also interrupted by the hatching of a mantid ootheca that was pulled out of the creek by the husband. The oldest panicked at the unexpected arrival of so many little guys, she mistook them for parasites at first. We don't have any fruit flies on hand yet, so we set them free in the front yard on a nice dense bush.

I did eventually decided that I was right when I was writing yesterday in regards to the giveaway nonsense. I will set something big up for the time between this blog's anniversary on March 17th and my shop's anniversary on April 19th. The wunderkammer's is in between those dates as well, so it makes good sense. Today, I will try to get to those listing photos if the sun plays nice and I guess I keep working on that list and the sanity, I'll keep working on that too. Just two more days.

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