Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy Is Better

The husband is home, normality can return now. Of course that wasn't the case for most of yesterday. The youngest has been fighting some sort of ick and spent the morning sullen and tired. This threw off much of my planned day full of cleaning and errands. I was less annoyed than it sounds. Once she did feel well enough to adventure we got errands ran and I got pictures of the brown scrolling necklace and got it listed as well.

That was the closest I came to tatting yesterday though. I spent the rest of the day cleaning. I blame the sunshine that makes it look all warm and Spring-like outside. It was actually quite cold, but the compulsion to tidy was strong. I tackled the seasonal change over of clothes for the children. Why must they grow so fast that clothes are useless after one or two seasons? Then there is the size difference between the two that means I have to hoard the 'in-between' sizes somewhere until they fit the smaller one. Then we have the the enormous amount of shirts the youngest owns coupled with a lack of pants because her sister put holes in the knees of everything has has ever worn. Oh well, I think that's all out of my system now even if the task is not yet complete.

I want to finish up some backup pieces for the shop today and then maybe I'll take a look through my grab bag stuff to see if I get inspired to make anything new. I've been so busy remaking that I hardly noticed that I haven't had a sale in the shop for many days. I noticed yesterday as things slowed down, which is why I'm thinking I'll just get back to busy. I whine far less when I'm too busy to notice things. Maybe I'll just get some Spring colored bits made up to add to the Fall and Winter ones I did in the Fall. Either way, I choose busy.

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louine said...

I keep looking at your lovely scroll pieces and can't decide which color I like the best.