Friday, March 16, 2012


I don't even remember what I did for most of the morning...oh, right, I cleaned. I must have tried to wipe that out of my head. There was much laundry and cleaning and though there were two custom requests that came in early, neither of them made their purchases and I have learned my lesson regarding making things before they've been paid for so there was no further tatting at this time. Sometime in the middle of the day I managed to injure my shoulder blade and neck, or pinch something or I just moved wrong. I really don't know, but I spent much of the evening in mild, but persistent pain. What did I choose to do? Rest? No...I tatted and played with a new idea.

This started as a bit of a doodle, just to see what would happen. Then I reworked the doodle. Then I decided to see if I could work the doodles together. After that last bit there I further decided to work the bits into a circle, though that hasn't actually happened yet. I'm not entirely certain where I got this odd ides, but after I finish with the one custom order that was finally purchased late yesterday, I will play with it some more.

No, my annoyed back/neck isn't all better this morning, though it seems to be fixing itself slowly. I'm fairly certain, as I reflect on it, that it occurred while responding to yet another of the youngest daughter's injuries to herself. There was a couch frame versus head incident and I bolted to her and picked her right up to comfort her. She may be getting too big for me to do that and she was fine save for a bump on her head. That was probably the moment when I pulled, twisted or pinched whatever something that is giving me grief. Oh well, you can't go back and in this case, even if I could I'd likely do the same thing again.

So up today is that custom order and hopefully the second custom order will move into the queue. Then it's playing with this odd bit and seeing if I can make something wearable with it. That should give my weekend a little purpose. Yes, that will do nicely.


Vicky said...

I love the doodles! Sounds like it's time to visit the chiropractor!

rsmre said...

Doodle away! I just know something wonderful is about to happen. Hope you feel better soon.

Dr. Prabhjyot Saini said...

I really love all your designs. Could you please publish all these patterns in a book, I will be the first one to buy that book. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your work though.

Perrine Renoir said...

don't take your back/neck pain lightly. though the body has mechanisms of self-heal there'll be situations when it needs help from the one who carries it.

nice doodles. see how curiosity can take you - maybe i'm too young and naive but i can say that curiosity is the leeway of imagination, just in the form of "what if's".